Confession 1249

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A content creator by the name of Twisted-Doctor/Sleepykinq/Skrill is disgusting and a manipulator of children, he has a popular web series whose fanbase was originally mostly comprised of minors, but now right-wing fascists have taken over his fanbase and are influencing his underage fans. Not to mention in his series, the graphic sexual, physical, and emotional abuse inflicted on all of his characters - NOT CHILD FRIENDLY! Skrill is a trans-man and as such has a large LGBT+ following, but he is the Uncle Tom of transgender people for not only being a psychopath, but interacting with literal children and exposing them to obscene content. He needs to be stopped and taken offline, and kept away from children. He is located on YouTube, Deviantart, Tumblr and Twitter, and possibly other sites. Spread the word about this guy, he's a narcissistic sociopath.